Murfreesboro Lawn Soil Testing Services

Murfreesboro Lawn Soil Testing Services

If your lawn is not thriving, there could be a number of problems causing your issues, from lack of sunlight, to not enough water, to issues with your soil. Don’t let issues with your soil ruin your whole yard; get your soil regularly tested by your local Lush Lawns professional.

Regular soil testing is integral to having a healthy lawn and making sure the soil composition and acidity levels are right for your yard. You can help put a stop to your yard issues by having a local Lush Lawns professional test your soil and help make sure your yard is ready to support a lawn you and your family can enjoy.

To learn more about our soil testing treatment options contact Lush Lawns of Murfreesboro.

Lush Lawns’s initial soil diagnosis

Contact Lush Lawns of Murfreesboro and have an expert technician come out to examine your yard for a soil test, determine what the issue may be and make sure the lawn is getting the proper treatments and nutrients.  If it is something that can be addressed without a soil test, we can treat those problems as well.

Our soil testing treatment involves examining your soil and diagnosing the measurements of your:

  • Nutrient content
  • pH level
  • Organic matter
  • CEC (cation exchange capacity)

In addition to diagnosing problems, soil testing can also be predictive, in letting you know what the proper care procedures are for the lawn when it comes to lime and fertilizer. The soil testing can be used not just for your lawn, but for your garden, trees and shrubs. Think of lawn soil testing as similar to medical testing, as it can not only help you diagnose a variety of things that could be keeping your yard from thriving, but it can also help your lawn be at its optimum levels.

How we test your lawn soil?

Depending upon how big your lawn is, and whether you have trees, shrubs, or a garden to be tested, Lush Lawns will take a number of samples of your soil.

After taking the samples, your Lush Lawns professional will have your soil samples tested. Generally speaking, the grass samples will be tested differently from the trees, shrubs and garden.  Also, the soil may be tested for a variety of things, depending upon what issues the lawn is facing. Lush Lawns’s treatment uses an effective testing systems that can accurately diagnose your lawn and soil issues.

The exact number for your soil’s pH level should, should be within the range of between 6.0 and 7.0, depending upon what type of lawn you have. A pH level below 6 is considered acidic, and a level above 7 is considered alkaline.


Our professionals work on your lawn after your soil test results

After the soil tests are done, your Lush Lawns technician will let you know what the testing has uncovered and walk you through what needs to be done as far as adding nutrients, adjusting the ph level, or other soil enrichment techniques your yard will need. Your local Lush Lawns will work with you on applying the needed adjustments and treatments your yard needs to grow healthy plant life. They can also work to adjust the soil for your trees, shrubs and garden.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your yard again

A simple lawn soil test can help you have the lawn you always dreamt of.  Fortunately, you do not have to be a lawn expert yourself in order to do a soil test. To get started all you need to do is call your local Lush Lawns and we will do the rest. You do not even have to be home while we work on your lawn.

For more information about our soil testing treatments contact Lush Lawns of Murfreesboro today.