Frequently Asked Questions

Our lawn and landscaping specialists get a lot of questions when they're out and about. At Lush Lawns, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in our services every step of the way!

That’s why we’ve put together this list of questions that our customers ask the most.

Do I need to be home for my lawn service?

Before beginning treatment, your technician will knock on the door to let you know we’re there. Don’t be afraid to ask your technician any questions you might have about your lawn application. 

Not home? No problem. We still deliver our lawn care services if you’re on the go. Our lawn care pros will leave a sign in your yard to let you know we were there, and we’ll follow up with an after-service email to let you know what we did at your property. 

When can my family and pets go back into the yard after a treatment?

If your application was granular, you can go back to enjoying your lawn right after your technician is done applying treatment. For liquid applications, we ask that you stay off the lawn for about an hour until the product has had a chance to dry.

When should I cut my grass?

The best time to cut your grass is before an application is applied, or to wait 24-48 hours after the application. Don’t forget – one of the best practices for mowing is to leave the clippings on your lawn to recycle moisture and nutrients back into your grass! Check out some other helpful tips from the professionals at Lush Lawns when it comes to cutting your grass.

When should I water?

Watering in the morning gives your lawn time to absorb water before it evaporates and prevents disease. As far as products go, some granular applications we put down perform better when watered in. Check your after-service emails to see if your technician suggests watering in the application.

Are the products safe?

Our lawn care process is based on the science of how your lawn grows best. We are committed to using some of the safest products in the industry and applying them in the safest manner possible. The products that you have under your kitchen sink are more hazardous than the formulas we apply to your landscape. 

How do I make sure my services continue next year?

At Lush Lawns, we don’t lock you into a contract. Our services automatically renew from year to year, so you don’t have to worry about it!

How long until I see the weeds die?

Our weed treatments are designed to reach the root system to kill off weeds, so it typically takes between 10-14 days to see results. If it has been longer than 14 days and you’re still not seeing the weeds die off, give our client care team a call at 615.971.2418 for a complimentary service call. 

When should I expect to see results?

Results can vary depending on which of our proven programs you choose and what state your lawn was in when you started with us at Lush Lawns. We typically tell our clients that it takes about 2 full years with aeration and seeding to see a full turnaround in your lawn.

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