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Why Is My Grass Dying?

There are many things that can cause a lawn to decline and die. Drought, soil compaction, excessive shade, chemical injury, pests and diseases are among the many possible contributing factors. If you are watering and fertilizing properly, and if the turf is receiving adequate sunlight, the problem may be due to pests or diseases. Lush Lawns in Murfreesboro can assist you with diagnosing your lawn problems. In order to properly diagnose your lawn problem we need to see a sample.

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Who is Lush Lawns of Murfreesboro?

We strive to provide the highest quality of lawn care and landscaping for residential or commercial properties. We are a team of professionals offering services that range from lawn mowing to earth moving and everything in between. We are fully licensed and insured. We keep copies of the paperwork in all of our trucks and viewable on demand.

Why Lawn Maintenance Is So Important

Murfreesboro gets plenty of rain throughout the year and even more bright, sunny days. The weather and its quick shifts can wreak havoc on your lawn – if you let it. By scheduling routine lawn maintenance services from Lush Lawns of Murfreesboro, you can restore, protect, and perfect your lawn in all four seasons.

Two key benefits to frequent lawn care services in Murfreesboro are:

Cost-effectiveness: If you like to keep track of your finances and making the most of every dollar, then lawn care maintenance services are right for you. Allowing your Murfreesboro lawn maintenance experts to come by on a set schedule is likely to be less expensive than it would be to replace or restore your lawn after it falls into disrepair. It would be much like how it is more cost-efficient to tune-up a car several times than to repair it once.

Beauty: Don’t forget that a healthy, maintained lawn is a beautiful one. Your property will look inviting, bright, and lush to visitors and passersby, which could be crucial if you have a small business that needs to attract customers. A fresh appearance for your lawn can also increase your property’s overall value if you’re thinking of selling soon. Lawn maintenance is not something to be left to novices, though. An inexperienced landscaper could hurt your lawn while trying to take care of it. Overfertilization and overwatering are common rookie mistakes in the industry, as are planting greenery that cannot survive the next season. Leave all the lawn maintenance up to us, and rest easy knowing that caring, experienced professionals are taking care of it.

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